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Daredevil, Action seeker, Skater, Surfer,Crash test... dummy. Is there a trick to be tried? Something that looks like a ramp near a shark that can be jumped? New moves? Old moves? Incredible stunts that nobody with a brain would attempt? OUCHBOY will be there, and he will crash and burn.

Ouchboy lives with his family in a quietly rural city along the suburban farmlands, near the beach, up on a mountain. He was born with a special talent for finding trouble, and not getting out of it. He did not learn at a very young age what everyone else does. He touched hot things, put his finger in electrical outlets, bit the hand that fed him, etc. It did not stop him.His thirst for extreme adventure has him trying anything and everything with NO SUCCESS. Does he have bad luck or bad judgement? Either way, nothing can stop him.

Don't try this at home. Do we have to say it? You are not stupid, right? Ouchboy is a character..practically are likely a real person. He will survive as long as we want him to no matter how many times he gets electrocuted, flattened, splattered, bounced, burnt or broken. You will not. If you see somebody doing something as stupid as Ouchboy would do, you should stop them.OBsocket